Bone Cancer

Bone Cancer

To loose a limb or any body part has terrible psychological consequences. Orthopaedic Surgeons have been striving to save limbs of patients affected by injuries, infection & tumour.

Limb Salvage Surgery is now a norm in the treatment of Primary Bone Tumours. Improved diagnostic like PET, MRI, CT Scan & Isotope Bone Scan have helped in selecting cases for surgery judiciously. Limb saving surgery combined with Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy has dramatically improved the outcome.

Now, it’s possible to save the limb in 90% of cases of Osteogenic Sarcoma and other Bone cancers (Giant Cell Tumour, Ewing's Sarcoma and Chondrosarcoma). Usage of Modular Implants in Limb Sparing Surgeries has helped in a big way in restoring the function of the limb.

Custom made prosthesis can be the options for rare tumour's like Osteosarcoma of Scapula (scapulectomy)

Ostesarcoma of lower end femur resection after 2 doses of chemotherapy

Bone CancerBone cancerBone Cancer


Giant Cell Tumour

Reoccurrence of giant cell tumour after curratage

Bone Cancer  
Radical excision and custom made prosthesis

Bone cancer  
Third day post operative total pain relief

Bone Cancer
Third day post operative total pain relief
Back to Afganistan in 3 weeks




Osteosarcoma of ulna with custom made prosthesis patient back to Iraq in 3 weeks.

Bone CancerBone CancerBone Cancer