Bone Infections - Infected Non Union

Bone Infections

Bone infections leading to Non Union is one of the most challenging orthopaedic complications . There is considerable morbidity associated with infected nonunion. There is significant impact on the life of the patient; socially, financially, physically, and mentally. Infected nonunion at times could be a limb-threatening complication.

Significant progress has been made in the management of infected nonunion in the last decade. There are clear guidelines for pre-operative evaluation and treatment strategy. The recommended strategy is the 'infection-elimination first' strategy. This strategy involves two steps: control of infection by local radical debridement of dead tissue followed by reconstruction.

There are four operative techniques (with considerable overlap among them) which have been used in the past decade: Ilizarov, intramedullary devices with or without the use of external fixator, free tissue transfer, and in situ reconstruction. Bone results are, in general, better compared to functional results.

Overall, the outcome following treatment of infected nonunion are good to excellent


Patient Testimonials


In a very serious accident I almost lost my leg doctors could save it after the multiple operations. Some how fractures were
not addressed that time as doctors were in opinion that fractures can be seen later but first leg has to be saved.

Once the time passed things were really bad I developed bone infection ,a gap non union , deformity near knee joint .

Thanks to dr amar sarin taking my challenging case and put me back to my challenging case and put me back to m normal life.He asked me to keep patience and explaind that first infection has to go then bone to unite once all is well then he will correct all deformities.

He put me back to my job for good one year till every thing became fine now dr sarin has corrected my deformity and I am really thankful to him now planning to marry soon.


After devastating motor cycle accident my leg sustained serious fracture with considerable loss to muscles and skin , doctors told me that I will loose my leg so I rushed to Delhi for my treatment, where my leg was saved.But it was hopeless condition because of infection and non union.I could not walk and daily painful dressings to control the infection.

I was told that once the the infection will stop then there is chance of union. But no one could answer how infection will get controlled.It looked to me I will never walk in my life or loose my leg and loose job.

I contacted Dr Sarin in first meeting seeing his confidence and positive attitude I had all the hopes on walking on my leg again. He boosted my moral and got strong will to become all right in me operated twice in 5 months now I have recovered and back to my work .

Hemant-ChopraHemant Chopra

In an unfortunate aacident I had fractured a bone near my hip. At 25 years I had lost my will to live. After multiple surgeries my thigh was infected and had serious pus formation. I was suggested by my doctor to consult Dr. Sarin. He was the only doctor who took my condition positively and assured me I would walk again. Today I’m married and I owe this second life to Dr. Sarin.

Rakesh Kumar SarinRakesh Kumar
Yamuna Nagar