Failed Bone Surgeries

llizarov Design

The goal of surgery is to obtain union of fracture compatible with maximal functional return of the patient.

The success of an implant depends on a multiple factors and is necessary to determine whether failure was inherent to the device or was caused by external factors such as installation, patient co-operation or rate of fracture healing.

Surgical correction of these previously operated and failed cases is done by expert usage of implants and devices. Dr Amar Sarin's expertise and experience of more than 20 years is helping these complex cases return to normal life pattern.

Failed Surgeries

Non union of femur operated 20 years back.

Failed SurgeriesFailed Surgeries

Fixed with inflatable nail

Failed Surgeries

Supra condylar Fracture miserably failed and infected


Failed SurgeriesFailed SurgeriesFailed Surgeries

Fixed with Ilizarov

Failed Surgeries

Final Result

Failed Surgerie