Case Study : Non union of both thighs
Background Information

A 62 years old female presented with history of fall while walking with the help of walker and injured her right thigh. During her operation, screws and plates were fixed to stabilize the fracture in her right thigh. However in spite of repeated efforts, the non union persisted for a time period of 25 years. In desperation, Neha turned to Dr Sarin.


After a thorough analysis of Neha’s case, it was noted that after 3 years of the operation, her right thigh fracture suffered from non union since the screws holding the plate had broken and as a consequence the plate got dislodged. Due to this, Neha was bed ridden since both the thighs where having non unions. This case had the following major challenges

1. Removal of multiple broken screws from bone
2. Fixation of severely brittle bone as screws and plates will not hold the bone
3. Wide medullary canal due to osteoporosis mean that it may not hold the nail
4. Due to previous failed operations, Neha’s confidence was severely dented and had lost all hope. Additionally, the failures of the past operations had made her adverse to the idea of an another one.


Surgery was planned after counseling and was decided to take up both thighs on same sitting as was heading for severe psychological crises Planning was done to remove broken screws and plates and fractures to be fixed with inflatable nails from Israel. A revolutionary technology called FIXION NAIL was used for this case since it brought the following advantages

  • Advantage of inflatable nail
  • Less traumatic
  • No milling of the bone from inside as needed for conventional nails to fit in
  • Minimal radiation exposure as no locking screws is put
  • Very surgeon friendly


The operation was performed as planned and went off very smoothly. Meticulously all broken screws were removed and inflatable interlocking nails were put with bone graft.


The result of this procedure was a total success. Additionally this was the first such procedure performed in India. Dr Sarin was proud to be associated and contribute extensively with his immense experience on such a landmark surgical success.

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