Case Study : Non union with stem cells therapy
Background Information

A 50 year old man taxi driver met with an accident 3 yrs back sustained fracture upper part of the thigh bone (Sub Trochantric fracture Femur)
He under went surgery and fracture was fixed with nail and screw because of the many pieces of bone he was advised rest for 3 months.
His bone never united in three years and was wheelchair bound.

Fracture FemurFracture Leg


Financial constraints

1. 160 mm long non union
2. FixDeformed united bone
3. Defect at fracture site
4. Removal of implant

Stem Cells TherapyStem Cells Therapy


Removal of nail clearing of all fibrotic tissue from non union site and fixation with extra long plate screws and use bone graft for defect and stem cells therapy ( autologus bone marrow cells for early and sure union)


Surgery was planned and first bone marrow cells were taken from the pelvic bone around 60ml. bone marrow was take and processed for stem cells therapy
Then implant was removed and fracture was cleaned fibrotic tissue were removed a long DCS plate was fixed after optimal reduction of fracture bone graft was used to fill the defect and graft impregnated with stem cells was applied at the entire non union site


Amazing results seen at the end of six weeks. A very happy surrender kumar

 Leg NailSurender Kumar

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