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There is a famous saying, that no power can stop the idea whose time has come. This saying can be validated from an incident of the life of my sister.

I am a resident of Jharkhand and my sister Priyanka, got her right leg operated on 15th of December 2000. It was a post polio operation. Just after the operation she developed a wound at the place the incision on her leg was made. The doctor said that the wound would heal in due course of time and gave some medicines for quick remedy. My sister came back home from south India. She used to dress her wounds twice daily with Betadine solution and some medicines. Time passed, but the wounds never healed, meanwhile my father kept consulting doctors for appropriate medical checkups.

Two years passed and my sister took admission in Delhi University in B.A.(Hons).She kept cleaning her wounds with cotton, and several medicines. I took her to several doctors in Delhi but to no avail. The condition deteriorated and she developed six wounds on right leg. Also, X-ray reports confirmed that she had chronic osteomyelitis.

After a few years in August of 2011, while surfing the internet, I came to know about Dr. Amar Sarin, an orthopedic surgeon who had expertise over treating osteomeyelitis. I talked to him and he asked me to visit him with X-ray reports of my sister. I visited the doctor with X-ray reports and some snapshots of the leg of my sister. As soon the doctor saw the snaps, he exclaimed that the disease could not be treated, and I thought my sister would have to undergo an amputation of her right leg. I said, "Is there no hope sir?" Dr.Sarin paused and said that he was sure that my sister had bone tuberculosis. I began to tremble with anxiety, but Dr. Sarin comforted me by prescribing some medicines for bone tuberculosis, and said that the medicines had never failed and told me to ask my sister to take the medicines religiously. Now, the one thought kept haunting my mind was that how can a doctor be so sure about a disease even without seeing the patient.

However, I bought the medicines and couriered them to my sister who was then in Jharkhand. It was Janmastami when I had met the doctor. It was 4th of September 2011 when my sister started the course. I brought her to Noida in November 2011. She kept taking medicines, and when she showed good signs of improvement, Dr.Sarin fixed a date of operation on 4th of June 2012. In the meantime, she kept taking the medicines regularly.

She was operated on the said date, and to our astonishment Dr. Sarin took out a twisted wire like thing which the first doctor had inserted to tie the ankle bone in her right leg to cure foot-drop. Dr. Sarin changed the medicines and my sister began to recover very quickly. On 1st October 2012 she washed her right leg with soap and plain water after 12 long years. Today is 5th of October 2012 and she is perfectly fine, and she has also stopped taking medicines!

Lord Krishna has said in the Geeta, "Wherever you see a man of virtue undertaking great works to mitigate human suffering, think that I am there." Now I believe that the blessed Lord came in the form of Dr. Sarin and cured my sister.

My family members and I, will ever remain obliged to Dr. Amar Sarin for his this noble act.

Tanmaya (Software Engineer, HCL Technologies, NOIDA)

In the month of feb 2011 my sister started having pain & swelling in her left hand ellbow . The pain was so severe that she couldn't move her hand and swelling was increasing day by day. Couple of doctor even advised us of operation inorder to diagnose the problem but Surgery of a 20 year old girl inorder to detect diesease meant a lot for me, hence we tried to search for another doctor. After visiting three reputed private hospital & one goverment hospital we realised that this all is going in vain as none of the doctors were able to detect the problem & my sister was tired of giving test especially blood sample. In the month of April we were mentally prepared for the operation but suddenly, with the help of technology & google , I found Dr.Amar sarin with the citation as "Best oortho". Though I was not fully convinced but we still decided to take a chance.

In the month of may we took an appointment & went to meet him. We discussed our case history with him & he was so clear & confident about his subject that he not only started with the treatment but also asked us not to go for operation and needless to mention that the treatment was effective & flawless that within a week time we could feel the result and now two month later her hand is without any pain & swelling

I still remember the day when my sister was unable to hold anything heavier than one KG with her hand . The shocking part whcih I came to know about the treatment given to her prior to Dr sarin's treatment was that they were giving her pain killer instead of starting off with treatment .

When every doctor was advising me of opertaion, Dr Sarin went out of the way & saved her hand without any surgery and that too so effectivey & in short duration.He is a surgeon on whom one can trust his life, which we did & found amazing result.

Thankyou Dr sarin for being an such a great otho surgeon, for being so careful & nice to your patient

Krishna Rathore

I was so excited to go to airport to meet my sister but midway all hell broke down, my car overturned in freak accident and my left arm was crushed under the car. I was sure that I lost my arm as it was hanging from my shoulder bleeding.

In the hospital I was immediately taken for resuscitation. My injury was severe I had completely torn the brachial artery and my arm was at a loss of muscles and skin. I over heard doctors in ER were discussing amputation. The orthopedics on duty called Dr Amar Sarin at 2 o'clock at night and told him the grave situation asking him permission for amputation. Dr Sarin decided to come at midnight to examine me, he asked me to move fingers and I could. He took quick decision to save my hand and I sent to the Operation Theater at 3 o'clock at night with team of doctors and plastic surgeons.

An emergency limb salvage surgery was performed, my blood circulation was restored in arm bone and was temporarily stabilized for recovery. It took many weeks to get to the definitive operation for my arm bone which was eventually done after 2 months. My arm bone was fixed but the doctors informed me that it may not unite as there was very poor blood supply to bone. Even after six months the bone did not unite but I never gave up hope as Dr Sarin looked quite relaxed about situation.
One day he decided to take up my case again and tried the stem cell therapy at the fracture. Stem cells were taken from my back side of pelvic bone and grafted at the place of my fracture. Miraculously the therapy worked in my favor.

My healing was so encouraging that in 6 weeks it was visible on x-ray's taken with a surprising results.

Vikram ChaddaVikram Chadda

Dr. Amar Sarin is known to me for a little over two years. A gentleman with a very pleasant disposition and he is a thorough orthopedist who knows his subject well. The patience hearing he gives to his patients manages to solve half your pains and problems. I have seen him going into minutest of the details before he takes you on for surgery. He is a Surgeon in whom you develop total confidence and a doctor who provides tremendous comfort before and after the Surgery. A guy you would like to stay in touch. Happy Cuts and Expeditious Healings

R D AhullwaliaWg.Cdr.R.D.Ahluwalia
Vice President & Head of Operations
Club One Air
New Delhi

I was the first lady in India to get treated the illzrov method for my non union in Tibia by Dr. Amar Sarin in 1993. I have no problem since then in my leg.

Satya SethiMrs. Satya Sethi
New Delhi

I was detected with cancer in my leg and after a painful surgery the cancer reappeared after a year. The doctors in Afghanistan advised me to amputate my leg. I had heard about the medical advancement in India and rushed to India for a second opinion. By Allah’s grace I met Dr. Sarin. He was able to save my leg and within 2 weeks I was walking again.


I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in my elbow in Iraq doctors advised amputation of my arm and Iwas devastated with decision of amputation finally I decided to go to india for options to save my arm.

I am so thankful to dr sarin to save my arm . he painstakingly sat in the workshop to make custom made elbow replacement prosthesis to give me near normal function now I can do full function with my elbow.

AhmedAhmed , Iraq



I under went surgery for my tibia non union after seeing the web site and the credentials for dr sarin . I am pretty impressed not only the by excellent flawless job he did it for me but personal care he gives it to his patients.

RashmiRashmi, Delhi


My complicated ankle fracture was fixed very well by Dr Amar sarin .

Dr. KunalDr. Kunal



My 12 year old son had a foot drop. The doctors in Moscow did not treat the disability nor suggested any treatment. On a vacation to India , I was advised to visit Dr. Sarin. He rectified my boys foot and now he walks without a limp. I am gratified by Dr. Sarin efforts.

PankajAbdul Madzaid

With a big infected and non healing wound, I was in sheer pain and discomfort. After two attempts for getting it treated went unsuccessful, I was in doubt whether the wound would ever heal. But in just a period of two weeks Dr Sarin successfully treated the wound bringing me a lot of relief and allowing me to get back to living my life.

Asha Bhasin Mrs Asha Bhasin
W/O Dr Col NP Bhasin

My complicated ankle fracture was treated by Dr Sarin and I would say that he did a fantastic job. I have had no complaints ever since

Mrs Jaggi

In an unfortunate aacident I had fractured a bone near my hip. At 25 years I had lost my will to live. After multiple surgeries my thigh was infected and had serious pus formation. I was suggested by my doctor to consult Dr. Sarin. He was the only doctor who took my condition positively and assured me I would walk again. Today I’m married and I owe this second life to Dr. Sarin.

Rakesh Kumar SarinRakesh Kumar
Yamuna Nagar

My hip surgery had failed 12 years back and I was in discomfort ever since. After Dr Sarin’s treatment, I am pleased to say that the treatment was fully successful

Ved kapoorVed Kapoor

I was wearing heavy plastic support (calipers) in my both legs now I just use stick to walk without any calipers.


I had smashed my elbow and had a complex fracture. Doctors gave me a negative feedback regarding its movement. Dr. Sarin was however successful to restore its full function. I’m thankful to Dr. Sarin for restoring movement.


Abdul Bashir my child was suffering from big cyst in his hip bone. Doctors in Iraq suggested to see the expert for bone cancer surgeon as it could be dangerous and any failure may give lifetime defect and deformity to child also the budget also was a problem. In Delhi I was told to go and visit Action Cancer Institute which is very affordable place for restorative and reconstructive orthopaedics especially for bone cancers. I was very relieved to see two senior orthopaedic surgeons Dr. Suneel Kumar and Dr. Amar Sarin.

They were very pleasant personalities and took my son’s case very positively and assured us about the good outcome.

I was told that they will use stem cells from my son to heal the bone faster. No one had discussed such treatment to me until now. I was really sure that my child is in good hands. 3 weeks after the operation I could see the amazing results.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Amar Sarin and Dr Suneel Kumar for taking care of my child and giving him excellent care.

chield abdul_bashirAbdul bashir

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