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Bone Cancer Treatment Specialist in Delhi

Dr. Sarin is the best bone cancer treatment specialist in Delhi, India and has a proven track record of results. He has been performing bone cancer surgeries for more than over 25 years now. Dr. Sarin is an expert when it comes to diagnosing and treating several kinds of cancer like bone, soft tissue, breast and lung cancers. The medicines being administered are very effective and might even completely cure the patient of their condition within just a few months. He has done hundreds of surgeries with a 100% success rate.

What is Bone Cancer?

Bone Cancer or osteosarcoma is a cancerous tumor in a bone. It usually begins when the cells in the in the body start grow more than required. In some case Bone Cancer can spread to other tissues and organs which is known as a Malignant Bone Tumor. However, benign bone tumor are not usually life threating which can be cured by surgery.

Types of Malignant Bone Tumors:

  • • Chondrosarcoma
  • • Ewing´s Sarcoma
  • • Giant Cell Tumour
  • • Fibrosarcoma
  • • Malignant fibrous histiocytoma
  • • Osteosarcoma

Best Treatment for Bone Cancer in India)

Orthopedic Surgeons across the world have been striving to save the limbs of patients affected by Bone Cancer. Loss of a limb has devastating and life-altering consequences which also affect the mental health of a patient.

With scans like PET, MRI, CT Scan & Isotope Bone Scan, modern technology has helped surgeons improve the diagnosis of Bone Cancer at early stages and select cases for surgery judiciously. Limb saving surgery combined with Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy has dramatically improved the outcome.

Now, It is now possible to save the limb in 90% of cases of Osteogenic Sarcoma and other Bone cancers through Limb Salvage Surgery which is the norm in the treatment of Primary Bone Tumors. Usage of Modular Implants in Limb Sparing Surgeries has helped in a big way in restoring the function of the limb. The prosthesis can be the option for rare tumors like Osteosarcoma of the Scapula (scapulectomy).


Ostesarcoma of lower end femur resection after 2 doses of chemotherapy


Reoccurrence of giant cell tumour after curratage

Radical excision and custom made prosthesis

Third day post operative total pain relief
Third day post operative total pain relief Back to Afganistan in 3 weeks

Osteosarcoma of the ulna with custom-made prosthesis patient back to Iraq in 3 weeks.

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