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Bone Fracture Doctor in Delhi, India

Dr. Sarin is an expert in treating bone and joint injuries, fractures and other orthopedic disorders. He created this specialized clinic with the mission of providing superior treatment to patients suffering from arthritis, muscle spasms, sports injuries, hip replacements and other joint health issues.

What is Bone Fracture Repair (SURGERY)?

A bone fracture is a break in your bones. In most cases, a bone fracture is caused by an accident or a blow to the body. If left untreated, a bone fracture can lead to further complications like nerve damage or chronic pain. While there are a number of ways to treat these types of injuries, each will have specific features and requirements.

Why is Bone Fracture Surgery Important?

If a bone is broken, it will naturally heal to the best of its ability. But when bones are out of place or have become damaged for various reasons, these might require surgery to fix. These include bone fractures that used to be open through the skin, which is bone fragments protruding from the skin or surrounding tissues (such as in compound fractures), and fractures at joints such as wrists and ankles. We treat your bones with the utmost care and respect when they are fractured. We will talk to you about the best treatment options and whether surgery is required.

Fractures are considered to be complex when:

  • • The fragments are broken into many pieces
  • • The soft tissues are severely damaged
  • • There is loss of bone due to severe trauma
  • • There is disruption of the articular surface
  • •   There are multiple fractures at several levels in a single bone
  • • There is an associated joint dislocation


Since the complex fractures vary each, there are a variety of methods and options available to rectify complex fractures. Internal and external fixation devices are frequently used on patients with complex fractures.


1st case of Bone Fractures
3D CT scan Complex fracture at knee
X ray complex fracture at knee
Immediate results after surgery
2nd case of Bone Fractures
Complex fracture before surgery
Results after surgergy
3rd case of Bone Fractures
Occurrence of fracture post surgery
Excellent Results after surgery
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