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Height gain is a new innovative surgical procedure that involves reconstruction of existing bone through the process of regeneration of bone cells.

Non-Unions are complications that frequently occur resulting from poor blood supply, infection or surgical fixation.

Limb deformities can occur at birth or developed later on account of several causes. Correction of congenital or acquired deformities can be surgically corrected.

Bone infection or Osteomyelitis, results when bacteria or fungi invade the bone and can happen suddenly or develop over a long period of time.

Polio is an infectious disease caused by a Poliovirus which results in crippling deformities of the lower limbs over the years, causing an inability to walk.

It is simply a broken bone that is more severe than what is common or routine. There are a variety of methods and options available to rectify complex fractures like internal and external fixation device.


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What’s new

Limb Lengthening by HLN

The Hydraulic Limb Lengthening Nail (HLN) is an internal procedure which successfully combines the three principles in its performance:

  • Fluid mechanics
  • Distraction osteogenesis (lengthening and transport)
  • Metallurgy using weight bearing cobalt chrome.

Height gain by Cross Lengthening

Patients aspiring to attain 12.5 cm of height gain would have to undergo the limb lengthening procedure simultaneously on their left femur and right tibia. Once the results are achieved, a second surgery is performed on the right femur and left tibia to obtain similar results. This is known as cross lengthening and takes around 4.5 months. This method protects the range of the movement in the hip, knee and ankle.

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Infection after knee replacement

The Illizarov method is now used on patients suffering from infections after knee replacements.The infected joint is removed and the knee is fused to give mobility to patients. Knee arthrodesis is only successful with the Illazorv method.
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